First blog post

Hello everyone! Welcome to my photography blog! On this blog I will be posting my own photos I have taken. Since this is my first post, I thought I’d share how I first started photography.

I’ve been interested in photography for about 7 years now. It all started when I was 11, my older sister (She is also a photographer) told me about a website, National Geographic kids, where you share your photos online. I wanted to try it too, so I did, and my love for photography just kinda happened. I started with a point and shoot camera and just took pictures (And not the best,I must add) of things in my backyard. (Practice makes perfect) My camera eventually got upgraded when my sister-in-law (Who is also a photographer. My family has a lot of photographers, and I love it) let me use one of her camera’s .I loved photography even more after I used it. So after a couple of years after using that camera, I saved my money and bought a slr camera. And now I couldn’t live a day without my camera. Theres just something so wonderful about being able to capture memories and be able to hold on to that memory forever.

Well, thats my story of how it all started, Thanks for reading, -Lilly S.